Managed Chaos - 100% Proof Chaos! Original Rock!
Managed Chaos Is: 

Chris Kyle - Vocalist, Keyboardist, Writer, Composer, and Founder. (Sweet Corruption, Whyte Friday, Shell Shocked, Trinity, and Suicide Doors)

Tony Lombard - Lead Guitarist (Milk Bone Eddie)

Jim "Bud" Lite - Bass Player (Struttin' Sammi)

Sean McDaniel - Drummer (Tomb 55)

Managed Chaos was created by Chris Kyle as a personal project to play and showcase his own original music.  Thanks to some of the best muscians he has played with, and who are from well known bands from the Columbus, Ohio area, who have agreed to travel on this venture with him, the band has hit the floor running and is producing and playing out in record time. 

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